If you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and are a strength athlete, listen up! This episode is for you. In today’s episode, we discuss what an autoimmune disease is, how to manage your training/recovery, and how to alter your diet to live your best life as an athlete and a normal human.

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  • Fiercely Fueled Nutrition CoachingOnline nutrition coaching for strength and functional fitness athletes. Coached by our own Dr. Kristin Lander, DC, CISSN.
  • Intuitive Athlete Nutrition Coaching – Online intuitive eating nutrition coaching for female strength athletes. Coached by Dr. Mary Morton, PhD, CISSN.
  • Bama Brick SquadStacy offers various coaching services and packages: all geared towards helping you reach your goals. She works with athletes of all shapes and sizes. Support BBS and check out their merch!

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