Eat for Strength – Online Guided Course


– The course will begin January 20th, 2019, and run through the end of March 2019.

– A 9 week online guided course to fueling your body, learning to love your journey and other bad-ass women helping you a long the way.

– In the course, you will have access to both Kristin and Mary to help guide you through fueling your training and performance. This includes everything from macro calculations to learning self-acceptance. There will be a private Facebook group, direct email access to the two of us and another bonus contact method (TBD).


  • “Kristin and Mary are so kind, intelligent, and supportive, they really make this course a journey of self rather than any kind of diet. I loved the focus on sustainability and positive self-improvement! There is no baby-sitting here which means you get to learn to work towards removing bias from your self-assessments. But there’s an amazing, strong community that’s enthusiastic and supportive that will help you through and hype you up! All in all, a great, educational course.” – Eat for Strength Athlete
  • “This was such a great intro course for me. I think there is so much awesome material for me to reflect on, and I will continue to get great use from what I’ve learned and what I have yet to even touch. The immediate responses given by M & K were so appreciated and knowledgeable. Working alongside similar minded ladies made me feel at ease, and helped keep me involved in the program. Thank you E4S for getting my journey going on the right foot!” -Eat for Strength Athlete



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