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The Fiercely Fueled method utilizes research based facts and principles to create a custom nutrition program with the right amount of macronutritients (protein + carbohydrates + fat) to reach your goals, keep you healthy, and increase your athletic performance.

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Women’s Strength Coalition

Women’s Strength Coalition is on a mission to build stronger communities through increased access to strength training. Women’s Strength Coalition’s envisions a world where everyone (regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation) has an equal opportunity to express their voice and embrace their power.

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The Women’s Strength Coalition is committed to:

  • Increasing Access: We seek to break down barriers to strength training, while acknowledging and dismantling the privilege that makes it prohibitive to many.
  • Strength for All: We are a platform for diverse voices, and as such remain dedicated to uplifting all experiences equally.
  • Collaboration: We provide support and visibility for existing nonprofits and organizations that align with our mission, as a way to make greater, sustainable change.
  • Meaningful Partnerships: We are building a network of community leaders, like-minded fitness professionals, and affiliate gyms, to unify and strengthen efforts on a larger scale.

Smart Fit Girls

Smart Fit Girls is a program that teaches adolescent girls how to love their bodies by embracing their own strength.

During our program, girls participate in exciting activities aimed at improving their self-esteem and body image, and are introduced to resistance training exercises in a fun, group environment.

We’ve been there and know what it’s like to be a young girl. We want to do everything in our power to ensure that adolescent girls learn to love themselves by embracing their personal strengths.

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Iron Sisters USA

Iron Sisters™ began as a concept for bringing together like-minded women to celebrate strength in all its forms. The truth is, we know that we don’t NEED anyone but ourselves to accomplish our goals, but we can CHOOSE to embrace a community and surround ourselves with others on similar journeys.

Iron Sisters™ are the strong women surrounding us. They are like-minded and, they are passionate about the Iron! Iron Sisters are the women who are picking up their first barbell today, and those that have been lifting for years – when it wasn’t socially acceptable or encouraged. Younger, older, experienced or not, our commonalities are such that we all know this one truth:

Iron Sisters USA has joined forces with Frances to expand this vision for strength with more women across the U.S.!


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Bama Brick Squad

Being very well-versed, Stacy offers various coaching services and packages: all geared towards helping you reach your goals. She works with athletes of all shapes and sizes. Her primary programming and coaching is geared for Powerlifting strength athletes, but her training roster ranges from Crossfit competitors, Competitive bodybuilders to just people looking to lose a few extra pounds or get a little stronger in a recreational setting.

Stacy also advocates the importance of nutrition in any sport or setting and also offers nutritional guidance and coaching as well.

No matter what realm of fitness you come from, the Bama Brick Squad Training team is a place for you. We welcome all members from all backgrounds. At the end of the day our main goal is all the same, and that is to become the best version of ourselves. When you purchase your training from Stacy you are immediately accepted as part of the team and have an unwavering support system around the clock from people around the United States. You will never have to do anything alone.

Stacy has a local training facility in SC, Bad Dog Barbell, which all members of the Bama Brick Squad Training team are invited to train. The gym is equipped with top of the line Powerlifting equipment in a fun, laid-back environment.

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We exist to empower women to share their experiences and to come together as one to make the world a better place.

We will do that by fighting to remove the barriers that get in the way of women realizing their potential.


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“To be their best women need to be free from the things that hold them back. So our role as GRRRL is to work tirelessly to remove the barriers that prevent the women who have the power to change the world… from changing the world. So we will fight to break the cycle of competition, smash the fake realities of photoshop, break down the realities of discrimination, kick open the doors that exclude women on the grounds of color, beliefs, body type, ability or sexuality and provide an environment for women to realise their potential and help the world move into a new age. An age where acceptance and non-judgment is the new black, and Sisterhood is the new reality.”

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