For whatever reason you have taken a hiatus from lifting. Whether it’s because you have been injured, other obligations outside of lifting have taken priority, or you’ve simply lost your fire, you have taken some time away from the barbell and you’re ready to get back into it. Today we share our tips and caveats about getting back into lifting after taking a break. If you’ve been looking to reignite your fire for lifting, this was made for you!

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    • Fiercely Fueled Nutrition CoachingOnline nutrition coaching for strength and functional fitness athletes. Coached by our own Dr. Kristin Lander, DC, CISSN.
    • Intuitive Athlete Nutrition Coaching – Online intuitive eating nutrition coaching for female strength athletes. Coached by Dr. Mary Morton, PhD, CISSN.
    • Bama Brick Squad – Stacy offers various coaching services and packages: all geared towards helping you reach your goals. She works with athletes of all shapes and sizes. Support BBS and check out their merch!

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