Empowered by Iron is a podcast created by & for female strength athletes.

From training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset to guest interviews and (our new series) Experts of Iron, Empowered by Iron is THE podcast resource for female strength athletes looking to get strong.

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Created by Dr. Kristin Lander (left) of Fiercely Fueled Nutrition Coaching & Dr. Mary Morton (right), scientist, coach, and weightlifter.

Together, we are Empowered by Iron.

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All Empowered by Iron Episodes

Hiring a Coach: Why, When, & How – Episode 80

Hiring a Coach: Why, When, & How - Episode 80 For most competitive athletes there comes a time when they want to bring their training up a few notches.  Hiring a coach is a great way to do that. Today we break down our thoughts on why you need a coach, when to...

Protein: How Much Do You Really Need? – Episode 78

Protein: How Much Do You Really Need?  Today we do a deep dive into the last decade of sports nutrition research regarding protein intake in strength athletes.  Join us as we breakdown how much protein is enough, when and why you need it, protein quality, and how...

Smart Fit Girls: The Heroes We Wished We Had – Episode 77

Smart Fit Girls: The Heroes We Wished We Had  As young girls, most of us battled with our own demons surrounding food, body image and community. In out adult years, most of us take step to rectify these broken relationships, but sometimes it takes years and we never...

Goals or Limits? – Episode 76

Goals or Limits? - Episode 76 Have you ever gotten so close to some crazy big goals and suddenly realized you’re capable of more than you ever dreamed possible?  Today we discuss how your BIG goals could actually begin to be a limiting factor in your progress as an...

That’s Not A Compliment… – Episode 75

That's Not A Compliment... - Episode 75 Don’t you just LOVE when someone feels it is their duty to make comments about your body? Whether it’s a family member, a friend or some rando in the gym, people still believe that their thoughts or feelings about our bodies...

Stacy Burr: In Control & Unstoppable – Episode 74

Stacy Burr: In Control & Unstoppable Today’s episode is a little different than our normal interview. This week Stacy ‘Bama’ Burr joins us to discuss what the f*ck has been going on with her lately, the Kern US Open in San Diego, CA on May 12th and some of her...

Acceptance – Episode 73

Acceptance - Episode 73 You are never going to get where you want to go if you don’t first honor and accept where you currently are. In today’s episode, we discuss Kristin’s nutritional protocol for injury healing, and then we dive into the topic of acceptance...

Tricia King: Elite Powerlifer – Episode 72

Tricia King: Elite Powerlifer - Episode 72 Today’s guest has only competed in two powerlifting meets but is already making gigantic strides in the sport! Tricia has overcome a whole hell of a lot to get to where she is today.  Listen up for an insanely inspiring story...

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