In 9 weeks, we will teach you how to fuel your body specifically for strength training. Whether you are a female (sorry guys) Weightlifter, Powerlifter, Strongman etc., this program was designed for you. No cutting. No bulking. No BS.

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Resolutions or Nah? – Episode 90

New Year's Resolutions - Episode 90 It’s the New Year!! You know what that means...New Year’s Resolutions. Today we talk all about the purpose of resolutions, making sure your goals are your goals, and how your attitude plays a huge role in achieving your resolutions....

Bonus – A New Year’s Present

Bonus - A New Year’s Present Hello Everyone! We hope you had/are having a fantastic holiday season. We wanted to jump on here for a quick second to discuss a few things coming up in the New Year. As always, we are so grateful for each and every one of you. Your...

Holiday Treats, Overtraining, & Pivots – Episode 89

Holiday Treats, Overtraining, & Pivots - Episode 89 It’s that time of year! In today’s episode, we discuss how to navigate eating and training around the holidays, Kristin shares her story of overtraining and pivoting, and we share some hilarious and frustrating...

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