In 9 weeks, we will teach you how to fuel your body specifically for strength training. Whether you are a female (sorry guys) Weightlifter, Powerlifter, Strongman etc., this program was designed for you. No cutting. No bulking. No BS.

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Remote Coaching: Thoughts & Consideration – Episode 95

Hiring a coach is no easy task, but how do you find a good coach if your only option is remote coaching? In today’s episode we discuss our thoughts about remote coaching and what you should expect and consider before hiring a remote coach. Follow us on Instagram and...

Disordered Eating & The Female Strength Athlete – Episode 94

Today’s topic is a bit of a sensitive subject. Eating disorders and disordered eating run rampant in the fitness industry, and are even more prevalent among female strength athletes. In this episode, Mary shares her history with disordered eating and shares her best...

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