Empowered by Iron is a podcast created by & for female strength athletes.

From training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset to guest interviews and (our new series) Experts of Iron, Empowered by Iron is THE podcast resource for female strength athletes looking to get strong.

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Created by Dr. Kristin Lander (left) of Fiercely Fueled Nutrition Coaching & Dr. Mary Morton (right), scientist, coach, and weightlifter.

Together, we are Empowered by Iron.

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All Empowered by Iron Episodes

Habits & Responsibility – Episode 92

We did it, we made it through the first month of 2019!! So it is only fair that we take some time to discuss habits (making or breaking) and taking responsibility for things that may not be going our way. Whether we like it or not, we are usually the root of most of...

Maintenance & the Mindset for Weight Cuts – Episode 91

You all know we are HUGE advocates for eating to get strong (aka Eating for Strength), but we also know there might come a time when you do want to cut. Today we discuss the mindset for weight cuts, food choices and the best time to do a cut. Enjoy! Get your FREE...

Resolutions or Nah? – Episode 90

New Year's Resolutions - Episode 90 It’s the New Year!! You know what that means...New Year’s Resolutions. Today we talk all about the purpose of resolutions, making sure your goals are your goals, and how your attitude plays a huge role in achieving your resolutions....

Bonus – A New Year’s Present

Bonus - A New Year’s Present Hello Everyone! We hope you had/are having a fantastic holiday season. We wanted to jump on here for a quick second to discuss a few things coming up in the New Year. As always, we are so grateful for each and every one of you. Your...

Holiday Treats, Overtraining, & Pivots – Episode 89

Holiday Treats, Overtraining, & Pivots - Episode 89 It’s that time of year! In today’s episode, we discuss how to navigate eating and training around the holidays, Kristin shares her story of overtraining and pivoting, and we share some hilarious and frustrating...

Stacy Burr : Learn to Stand Up – Episode 88

Stacy Burr : Learn to Stand Up - Episode 88 In today’s episode, the ladies of Empowered by Iron make their way to Darlington, SC to meet up with a podcast favorite, Stacy “Bama” Burr. Stacy has had quite the year and is ready to tell us all about it. You are not going...

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